In terms of making technology work for humans, I couldn’t agree more with Dave Feldman’s article on Boxes and Arrows (one of my favourite blogs):

…I can’t help thinking we’ve skipped our vegetables and gone straight to dessert. We are insinuating ourselves into more and more of people’s lives, yet we haven’t managed to meet their needs in predictable, understandable, let alone enjoyable ways.

I watch people using their devices and I cringe. They get their single-click and double-click mixed up. They open an email attachment, update it, and then can’t understand why their changes aren’t in Documents. They try to set up iCloud and end up creating three Apple IDs. They miss out on all the useful things technology can do for them, lost in a sea of complexity, confusion, and techie-centric functionality. These things were supposed to be labor-saving devices, right?

Definitely worth reading the entire article at A Truly Ambitious Product Idea: Making Stuff for People « Boxes and Arrows.