About us

Who is Loud Mountain?

Andris Dinsbergs began working as a Melbourne graphic designer in 1988 until 1998 when he began to work with web companies in Australia and Europe. He also has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA).

Loud Mountain has a close working relationship with Red Mullet Creative Graphic Design, One & Eight Copywriting, Angus Gunn Photography and other specialists in their field.


Community and the environment

Loud Mountain has been donating monthly to Amnesty International since 2002 and provides discounted services to charities, local community projects and the South Gippsland Hospital Community Foundation.

Some of our effort is given to developing websites for not-for-profit organisations such as:

Community for us also encompasses relationships with our co-workers in the industry, our trusted Australian high-end suppliers and last but not least our clients without which Loud Mountain couldn’t exist and constantly improve our services.

We respect the environment. Our office power is sourced from solar energy and we promote the – almost – paperless office. 5500 native species have also been planted on our property.


Why the name Loud Mountain?

A bit of fun… it’s from Andris’ surname and first coined by an old friend . Din(a great loud noise)sberg (mountain)s.