Domain names

Benefits of registering your domain with us

  1. Free domain name with our website Support
  2. auDA accredited registrar
  3. auDomainLock and .com lock option
  4. Full DNS control with no addon fee
  5. We’ll take care of all technical updates (DNS, security, spam filtering etc)
  6. Access professional advice for the best domain name choice. This may include related domain names to protect your ‘brand’ and prevent other businesses ‘leaching’ your customers

Existing domains transferred for free.

Contact us to have your domains managed professionally.


Business email

  1. Professional email addresses eg. info@yourbusinessname.com.au
  2. FREE email forwarding to any other email (such as your personal email account)
  3. Gmail setup and integration – check all your accounts in one place


Why register more than one domain name?

Registering more than one domain name has a number of advantages. The subtle differences may not always be obvious, but you don’t want to have your competitor getting traffic that should be destined for your website.

  1. If you register your domain name (eg fosterelectrics.com.au) you can also register related domains that people may search for. In the above example you may sell light bulbs, so you might register fosterlightbulbs.com.au as well.
  2. Having more than one domain name does help you in getting better positioning in Search Engine results.
  3. Employ multiple domain names so you can direct users that are interested in a particular product/service straight to the page about that product.
  4. Protect your brand. If you register fosterelectrics.com.au you should also register fosterelectrics.com.



ICANN helps define how the domain name system functions and expands. Find more information for Registrants.