Screenshots are the simplest way to show off your new program, point out a bug, and save that picture on Facebook to your camera roll. They’re the versatile solution for your on-screen needs. And they’re so integral to the way we work that every operating system comes equipped screenshot-snapping tool.

But screenshots aren’t always simple. If you aren’t careful, they can accidentally expose private information or obscure the part of a website you need to share. Built-in screen-capture tools are often hidden behind cryptic keyboard shortcuts. And when a picture alone won’t cut it, you’ll need to make a video or GIF to show what’s actually happening on your screen.

Don’t worry about hunting down the perfect app, or fumbling with shortcuts—we have you covered. This guide shows you how to do a screen capture on just about any device, either with the native, built-in tool or a downloaded app. You can use them to make top-notch tutorials, straightforward bug reports, and quick snaps of your Candy Crush high scores.

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